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The Gist on Cannabis

There is now legalization of both recreational and medicinal use of cannabis in various U.S. states and Canada. This creates a list of challenges and questions within the trucking industry…

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Digest. Test. Arrest.

Federal laws currently prohibit trucking companies from transporting cannabis products. Furthermore, drivers are NOT permitted to operate a vehicle under the influence of cannabis. Currently in the U.S., law-enforcement do not currently have a way to field-test professional drivers for impairment caused by marijuana, like they do for alcohol…a driver would have to be taken somewhere for an actual blood test.

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Canada, however, has approved a portable device being used by some law enforcement. The device tests oral fluids for traces of THC (the active ingredient of cannabis). Only a select few law enforcement officials actually have one of these devices as they’re still being tested for accuracy and consistency.

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Fueling the Driver Shortage…

The legalization of marijuana also affects the ongoing challenges of recruitment and retention in the industry. One anonymous Colorado company made a point to inform individuals inquiring about jobs to NOT apply if they have consumed any amount of cannabis within a certain period of time. Despite these warnings, the company is still getting a 60-percent failure rate on its pre-employment substance testing.

As we venture into 2019 it should be interesting to see how the new laws and new shipping demands affect the trucking industry.

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