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                            Transflo and ATI Merge to Revolutionize FreightTech and Fleet Management Solutions

                            We are thrilled to announce that Transflo and ATI have merged! Together, we are redefining what is possible for the transportation industry and pushing the boundaries into the next generation of freight technology.


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                            Explore how freight brokers and 3PLs excel with Transflo automation.



                            Transflo offers the technology to manage loads, routes, documentation, and more from a mobile app and integrated trucking ecosystem.



                            Technology designed with the Professional Driver in mind. All of the tools to keep you safe and compliant from “Load to Last Mile.”



                            Automate repeatable, costly tasks for business growth, increased market visibility, cost savings, risk reduction, and improved service speed.



                            Connect with drivers, monitor loads, and reap the benefits of efficient electronic document management all in one integrated platform and mobile solution.



                            Get insight into equipment location, operation status, and engine diagnostics for a more efficient and productive work site.

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                            The Trusted Technology for Freight
                            OUR PRODUCTS

                            A Fully Integrated Suite of Products


                            Trusted by the Top Freight Professionals

                            At Transflo, we take pride in our reputation as a trusted provider of innovative solutions for the freight industry. Our commitment to delivering the best products and services is reflected in the countless testimonials from top freight professionals who have experienced the benefits of improved efficiency, reduced costs, and minimal downtime thanks to our solutions.

                            “Better visibility and tracking integrity – we would not go back to manual processes.”

                            Matt Gray Director of Logistics

                            “All the drivers say they love it. Especially when they’re out on the road… they really appreciate the easy accessibility the app offers.”

                            Jenn Murray Payroll Team Lead

                            “Transflo’s mobile platform is exactly the forward-looking solution that we needed. Not only have we improved our back-office process, we are also an employer of choice. Drivers know Transflo and want to work with a fleet that uses Transflo.”

                            Brady Myers Director of IT
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                              Fleets across the US & Canada use Transflo

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                            UPDATES FROM TRANSFLO

                            The Latest News & Resources

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                            November 8, 2023

                            How to Attract the Next Generation of Professional Drivers

                            The trucking industry has seen its share of transformations over the years. Often, the phrase “Next Generation” in trucking is used to describe advancements in technology, but what we tend to overlook is the upcoming generation of truck drivers. There is growing concern about how to sustain the industry as experienced drivers retire. Our experts weigh in on what fleets can do to attract new hires, and how the industry can shift to gain excitement in a new era of professional drivers. If you have paid attention to the headlines within transportation, there is a debate on whether there is or is not a current driver shortage. The key word in that sentence is “current”. The market for today’s professional drivers is vastly different from what it was a few years ago and will be much different in the future. The need to embrace tomorrow’s drivers is a very real challenge that must be addressed sooner rather than later. But why? The gap – no, not the clothing store. The widening delta between our experienced drivers and those who are following behind them to receive the proverbial torch that will be passed. There is a growing concern that there are not enough younger drivers entering the workforce to replace the drivers who are beginning to retire from the industry. According to a demographic breakdown, the average age of a commercial truck driver is 47 years old, which has slightly increased from years prior. At face value, this does not come as too much of a surprise. However, when you look at the breakdown of age ranges further in that report, over 70% of all commercial drivers are above the age of 40.
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                            July 31, 2023

                            “Snap, Tap, and Done” – Transflo Launches All-New Mobile Document Scanning Engine

                            The latest version of Transflo Mobile+ includes a fully re-engineered document scanning engine that is faster and easier than ever. TAMPA, August 8, 2023 — Transflo, a leader in software solutions to automate the supply chain, announced today the release of Transflo Mobile+ version 6.0. This new release includes a fully re-engineered document scanning engine with an intuitive user experience designed to be as easy as “Snap, Tap, and Done.” With over three decades of experience in supply chain document scanning and digitization, Transflo’s all-new scanning engine ushers in a bold era of supply chain document imaging. It’s a familiar and seamless experience for existing mobile users and an exciting introduction to next-generation mobile document capture for users new to the Transflo Mobile+ platform. With improvements to image optimization, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) performance and compression, the backend of the Transflo Mobile+ scanning engine was rebuilt to maximize data extraction and processing workflows. The user experience also received a massive upgrade with enhanced automatic features like capture, de-skewing and edge detection. These fully automatic functions make the process of capturing documents on the go virtually frictionless for professional truck drivers. “Transflo Mobile+ has more than three million downloads, and our scanning solutions capture nearly a billion documents each year, so we recognize how critical it is to reduce friction in day-to-day supply chain operations,” said Renee Krug, CEO of Transflo. “This release of Transflo Mobile+ makes it easier and faster for drivers to capture their documents and connect more seamlessly to back-office workflows.” Transflo Mobile+ is the industry’s leading digital productivity platform and driver-focused workflow app, and the new scanning engine headlines a host of improvements in this landmark 6.0 release. Along with extensive UI enhancements, Transflo Mobile+ version 6.0 also supports additional third-party app deep links and improved in-app performance. “From the redesigned interface to the image recognition and processing, our new scanning engine is the result of countless hours of detailed user feedback from carriers and drivers. Our goal has always been to solve fundamental user problems, and listening to our customers has been essential in shaping the continued development of Transflo Mobile+,” added Justin King, Transflo’s Chief Product Officer. The “Snap, Tap, and Done” philosophy of Transflo’s next-generation document capture can be experienced in Transflo Mobile+ version 6.0. The application is available to download through the Apple App Store and Google Play.   About Transflo Transflo®, a Pegasus TransTech company, is a trusted industry leader in mobile, telematics, and business process automation solutions for the transportation sector in North America. Transflo’s customer-centric mobile and cloud-based technologies enable real-time communication for fleets, brokers, factors, shippers, and commercial vehicle drivers, digitizing 800 million shipping documents annually, representing approximately $115 billion in freight bills and 3.2 million downloads of the Mobile+ app. Organizations throughout Transflo’s neutral ecosystem utilize the end-to-end solution suite and digital platform to increase efficiency, improve cash flow, and reduce costs. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, Transflo has been at the forefront of innovation in transportation software for over 30 years. For more information, visit   Media Contact:  Frank Gambino Sr. Marketing Manager – Transflo [email protected]  
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                            November 10, 2023

                            Transflo Mobile+ 6.0.1: The “Everything App for Truck Drivers”

                            From route and fuel optimization to deep integrations with supply chain telematics giants like Geotab and ATI, Transflo Mobile+ continues to lead the industry as the Everything App for Truck Drivers.  Transflo now allows users to leverage the functionality of route optimization software such as Manhattan Fuel&Route, Expert Fuel, and more. Route optimization helps Transflo Mobile+ users enhance productivity, optimize load schedules, and save money on fuel. The optimized routes are injected directly into navigation inside Transflo Mobile+, minimizing a driver’s device interactions while keeping them safer on the road.  On the telematics side, Transflo Mobile+ now supports productivity-enhancing solutions from the Geotab Marketplace by leveraging the underpinnings of the native Geotab Software Development Kit. From in-cab and on-device software to back-office portals for tracking, management, and more, this new implementation ensures reliable integration between the Geotab platform and Transflo Mobile+.  Rounding out the Transflo Mobile+ 6.0.1 release is a seamless experience with Assured Telematics Inc. (ATI), a Top Geotab Channel Partner and an industry leader in developing custom fleet solutions for any fleet of any size across any industry. These solutions include custom integrations, along with web and mobile applications. The extensive library of ATI add-ins contains tools to track personal conveyance, identify unassigned logs, check for unverified logs, track shared device assets, and many more.  The Transflo Mobile+ 6.0.1 release has already rolled out to users, and updates can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. 
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