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                            “Swipe Right” – Tips for Freight Brokers who want to Connect with Quality Carriers

                            By Matthew Meeks

                            The other day we were discussing load boards and the connections and interactions between freight brokers and carriers online…and it got us thinking just how similar it is to dating apps.

                            Yes, you read that right.

                            With a popular dating mobile app like Tinder (for example), a person posts a profile about them self (description, interests, intentions). Then, people look at various profiles and decide who they’re interested in going on dates with. When using a dating app, one typically swipes to the right on profiles that interest them, and swipe to the left on those that don’t.

                            If you think about it, this concept of “swiping right or left” is constantly occurring in the business world too.

                            People sort through job postings, resumes, ads, and yes, even load postings – looking for what piques their interest…and ignoring the rest.

                            And what does everyone always want to do? Stand out above the competition. This is true whether you’re seeking business relationships or personal ones.

                            So, how exactly are the successful freight brokers and 3PLs making their freight stand out to carriers?

                            Here are some tips to getting your freight postings noticed, AKA “right swiped


                            What verbiage should go into load postings?

                            In general, from a carrier’s perspective, they’re looking for the most complete information possible.

                            They look for loads from preferred brokers (brokers they know), and brokers who communicate clearly and honestly.

                            One way to become a preferred broker is becoming easier to work with. And the Transflo digital ecosystem has a goal to do just that. Its platform of solutions offers the convenience of messaging (few or no phone calls required), the ability for faster payments, the ease of track-and-trace, and other features available with the Transflo Mobile+ app.


                            When’s the best time to post loads?

                            DAT Solutions, which hosts more than 180 million loads and trucks per year on its network of load boards, looked at the timing of load transactions from January 2016 to November 2019. Here are their findings: 

                            Load Posts:

                            • Tuesday is the busiest day for load posts, followed by Wednesday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday. 
                            • 8 to 9 a.m. EST is the most popular hour for posting loads. Activity tapers off until just after 1 p.m., when the number of new loads posted rises slightly, then falls sharply after 5 p.m.

                            Load Searches:

                            • Monday is the most popular day for load searches, followed by Tuesday, then Thursday, Wednesday, and Friday.
                            • The number of searches ramps up at 8 a.m. EST, peaks at 10 a.m., and gradually declines into the mid-afternoon.

                            So back to the question: When’s the best time to post loads? 

                            While there is potential opportunity of posting loads (when possible) on Mondays – AKA the most popular day for load searches – Mark Montague, manager of industry pricing at DAT, explains that, “Given the data, we may be able to say that a particular hour or day of the week typically has more new postings or searches than others but I’m not sure that the difference is important.” He continued saying, “Access to the most loads isn’t the same as access to the best rates or best load for [a carrier’s] operation.”

                            Simply put, the best time to post your freight is whenever you can and whenever you need to.

                            If you have consistency in your wording, a reputation for transparency, and become a broker of choice with Transflo Velocity+, you’ll stand out above your competition no matter when you post your freight.


                            How are brokers creating lasting connections with quality carriers?

                            Before accepting a load from a broker, carriers may ask themselves questions like:

                            • Do I trust this freight broker to be honest and ethical?
                            • Will they keep me informed about changes?
                            • If I have to participate in track-and-trace, will it be easy and explained to me?
                            • Can this broker pay me in a timely manner?

                            Make sure when carriers ask themselves these questions about your brokerage, the answer to all of them is, “Yes!”

                            Having consistent daily practices in place at your brokerage will give you a reputation for transparency, and quality carriers will notice this.


                            Should I pay my carriers faster?

                            To many this question may seem obvious or common sense, but not all freight brokers make a priority out of paying carriers as fast as possible.

                            Carriers who get paid promptly will respect and trust the freight broker who makes them a priority.

                            Freight brokers can use modern technology to the advantage of their brokerage and its carriers with the Transflo Velocity+ software:

                            • Automate back-office tasks
                            • Expedite paperwork with digital scanning and receiving of delivery documents
                            • Utilize QuickPay to get carriers paid faster

                            In a nutshell, if your load postings are consistently detailed, honest, backed by a transparent reputation, and offer quick payment options, you will rise above your competition. Period.

                            For more info on being a broker of choice and becoming part of the Transflo digital ecosystem, request your demo of the Transflo Velocity+ software today.

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