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                            Transflo Launches FREE Publication for Truckers Called Transport+Report

                            T R A N S P O R T  R E P O R T 

                            ISSUE 1 – VOLUME 1

                            The Official Newsletter of 

                            In This Issue >

                            Message From The President

                            The ‘Winter Survival List’ For Truckers

                            Insider Tips

                            What’s New! 

                            Message from the President I’m Frank Adelman, President and CEO of Transflo® by Pegasus Transtech.
                            At Transflo® we work daily to bring fleets state-of-the-art software and mobile app solutions with a special focus on the trucking industry.Our journey has taught us a great deal and we want to share that knowledge. That’s why we’re starting a monthly newsletter full of tips, insider advice, and other updates for professionals in the trucking industry, like you!We know how hard you work (especially during the holidays).
                              That’s why we’re continuing our focus on revolutionizing the industry by addressing hot topics like: ELD, driver retention, navigation and so much more. We’re also launching a new version of our mobile app this winter season to bring you voice commands, interactive dashboards and a sleek new interface – All designed to keep fleets compliant, stress-free and on time.We hope you’ll use this newsletter to educate your fleets and keep business safe and profitable this holiday season. And from all of us at Transflo®, have a beautiful holiday season and stay safe on your routes out there!

                            The ‘Winter Survival Guide’

                            for Truckers

                            By Matthew Meeks


                            A merry time to go sledding, drink hot cocoa and cozy up next to the fire place? OR… A misery-filled season of shoveling driveways, scraping windshields and dodging black ice?

                            Roughly 135,000 injuries occur on icy/snowy roads in the U.S. each year, and about 1,800 deaths. It becomes an ongoing concern for seasoned drivers and newbies alike to practice safe techniques and remain alert during winter weather driving.

                            Transflo is here to help you through this unforgiving season! We’ve been in this business since 1991 and we’re taking our knowledge combined with the advice of industry experts (and real truck drivers) to give you a Winter Survival Guide.

                            This list is designed to save time, money and even lives.

                            Read More…

                            Insider Tip

                            Derek Minneker – Safety Manager – Freestyle Transport, LLC

                            We had a chance to catch up with the Safety Manager over at Freestyle Transport, LLC, Derek Minneker. He offered up some sweet advice on three main topics below.

                            On Personal Conveyance (PC):

                            “Managing PC behavior can get more challenging in the winter months. I always remind my drivers about a provision in the regulations, 49 CFR 395.1 (b): This ‘adverse driving conditions’ provision allows up to a two-hour extension to a driver’s normal shift if they are impeded by circumstances they did not know about when they started their trip. I advise our drivers that are impeded by unforeseen storms, road closures and accidents caused by bad weather to use this to either complete their run or to find a safe place to park and rest until the trip can be completed. I would advise all drivers who use this to make sure to document it clearly and concisely on their log.”

                            On Winter Driving:

                            “Aside from slowing down and keeping a safe distance, I always remind drivers to watch out for black ice, and to exercise increased caution on bridges, overpasses and at intersections (all common places black ice accumulates). I always tell drivers to exercise extreme diligence when inspecting their equipment and while trip planning when the winter weather hits. And of course, If the weather is so bad that you need to get off the road, don’t hesitate – just do it. Find a place to get off the roadway safely and wait until conditions clear up.”

                            On the Transflo Mobile+ App:

                            “The Transflo app has without a doubt streamlined the paperwork process for our fleet. All our drivers love it. I think it’s safe to say after the feedback I’ve received thus far, that the app’s digital scanning has relieved a lot of stress for our drivers. In what was once considered a bothersome area of a driver’s job by many in the industry, now is simple and done at the touch of a button.”

                            A special thanks to Minneker for his insight and tips.

                            What’s New?

                            What has scanning, navigation, weigh station bypass, ELD integration and telematics?

                            The Transflo Mobile+ app does! 

                            And we’re bringing you EVEN MORE in 2019 with our state-of-the-art UI update. You can look forward to:

                            • Voice Command Technology
                            • A New Sleek Interface
                            • An Interactive Dashboard
                            • And everything you need all in one place!

                            This means more customization, more options to stay organized, an overall improved user experience and one-touch voice commands (just speak to the app!)

                            The new update is scheduled to launch on Jan. 21, 2019. So, stay tuned as we launch the trucking industry into the future!

                            Transflo and GO >>>

                            FREE ELD

                            Quick Compliance
                            Affordable pricing with available inventory. Get a FMCSA-certified Transflo ELD for only $99.99Learn More

                            Transflo Mobile
                            Manage your whole workday – anywhere, anytime! E-Logs, loads, documents, & more.Watch Video

                            Transflo Completes Electronic Logging Device Registration with FMCSALearn More

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