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The ELD Tsunami – Take 2

The year 2018 will likely always be remembered as the year that the ELD mandate sent everyone into a frenzy. And it looks like we’re in for a “round 2” in 2019. That’s because of the AOBRD phase-out. Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRD) are still being used by tens of thousands of professional drivers instead of ELDs…but not for long.

AOBRDs are like ELDs in that they record information about the vehicle they’re installed in, but the AOBRD devices are now considered outdated technology. This is mostly because ELDs are capable of recording far more data that can be integrated with mobile app software, telematics and Command Center.

“ELDs are more advanced than AOBRDs and are required to automate the capture of RODS data automatically at each duty status change, every 60 minutes while the vehicle is in motion, at engine power-on and off events, and at the beginning and end of personal use and yard moves.  In addition, ELDs must be capable of automatically transferring RODS data to FMCSA and must monitor themselves for diagnostics and malfunctions.”

Source: Live View GPS 



Why fleets SHOULD NOT wait until December to update…

During the ELD boom early last year, new users who waited until the last minute faced major challenges.

“Late adoption created a capacity crunch for devices and installation, with some suppliers running out of devices and software glitches taking longer to solve as companies tried to onboard thousands of users at once.” 

Source: Freight Waves 

Companies who switch from AOBRD to ELD in advance of the mandate won’t just avoid the masses, but they’ll start saving major cash immediately…not to mention improve safety and accountability for their fleets.

So, don’t get caught in the haze – phase out today.

Request your ELD demo and we’ll make sure you’re scheduled for an easy transition.