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Document Management

Connect data and information in your supply chain

The logistics pipeline has many moving pieces with paperwork for each one. Keeping track of all this information from multiple sources is time-consuming. Transflo has the tools to help you manage your documents more effectively. We offer imaging, invoice and document indexing solutions that help you expedite your workflows and bill faster.

Optimize your business operations

With our cloud and web-based infrastructure, these document management solutions gives you instant access to your documents from anywhere. Our integrated solutions removes manual document processes, improving efficiency and accuracy, all while reducing billing time frames. Fully integrated within the Transflo suite of solutions, it doesn’t matter how documents are submitted, they all flow through these document management tools.

Examine the Transflo document management solutions

Transflo Imaging

Transflo Imaging

Elevate your back office operations with a fully configurable document management workflow solution.

Transflo Velocity

Transflo Velocity

Improve invoice process and decrease billing timeframes by consolidating document submissions into one output.

Transflo DocuType

Transflo DocuType

Automate your document management workflows by instantly applying document values.

Automation of Paperwork Processes

Transflo Velocity receives, digitizes, and electronically delivers carrier documents to you. With customized workflows, brokers capture key information like document type and index values when fleets submit

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