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Drop Box Shipping

Receive your original documents faster with drop box shipping

Getting originals back from your drivers can take time and be costly. Transflo Drop Box Shipping simplifies the process at a fraction of the cost of other shipping services. This dedicated shipping service, exclusively for the transportation industry, offers a nationwide network of locations where drivers can simply drop off their envelopes. With several delivery packages available, clients simply choose the one that’s right for them:

  • TripPak Express 2nd Day Service: Receive your envelopes in 2 business days
  • TripPak Express Next Day Service: Overnight delivery of documents
  • TripPak Express Consolidated: Get all your documents once a week
Drop Box Shipping

Decrease processing time by leveraging the Transflo Processing Center

Combining your drop box shipping solution with the Transflo Processing Center allows clients to get documents faster. Reduce billing timeframes and simplify workflows by receiving digital copies complete with index values and documents types while your originals are on their way.

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