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Your TMS is Under Attack

Don’t be MIA at TIA

The New Velocity+

Let’s do the Math…

The ELD FAQs You Need Now

Are New Privacy Rules Crippling Your TMS?

By Matthew Meeks

The Death of Cellular Based Freight Tracking

Fleets of all sizes want to know where their trucks and shipments are, and with good reason! Various “track and trace” solutions have been implemented – The most popular being the pinging of mobile devices and tablets. Mobile pinging is used to monitor a user’s mobile device and track its location. It has allowed owner-operators to bypass paying for the setup of expensive freight monitoring infrastructures.

Many companies still rely solely on mobile pinging without the use of any mobile apps, but this option is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The death of cell-phone based freight tracking is truly among us as more people become conscious of their digital privacy…and telecom service providers are responding.

Back in 2011, Tom-Tom, was collecting data from drivers using their GPS devices. They were then selling the data to law-enforcement. This data included areas which saw the most cases of speeding…Read More…

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Calling all Brokers and 3PLs!

(Don’t be MIA at TIA)

Every great journey begins with the first step, and that step begins at TIA (April 10 – 13). The Transflo team is proud to announce our platinum sponsorship at TIA Capital Ideas Conference in Orlando, FL this year.

Sure, our grand-prize giveaway may be the “Coolest” around, but it’s our new tech that everyone’s talking about. Come by booth #800 and discover the newest solutions to common problems facing the 3PL industry. 

You’re invited to join us for a one-on-one meeting. It’s your chance to chat with our upper level execs to learn about our industry-revolutionizing tech and the game changer, Transflo Velocity+.

CLICK HERE to schedule your time now.

Introducing Transflo Velocity+

(A Business Management Ecosystem for Freight Brokers)

Transflo Velocity+ is a suite of cloud-based business applications for freight brokers. It integrates the management of load tenders, shipping documents, digital data extraction, load visibility, invoicing and expedited payment processing. It does all this while leveraging Transflo Mobile+, the most widely used enterprise mobility and workday management platform among truck fleets and their drivers.

Velocity+ delivers the digital experience that freight brokers expect,” said Parker McCrary, Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions.

“It’s an end-to-end business management solution for brokers that want to optimize staff resources, improve cashflow, make data-driven decisions, eliminate paperwork, and establish stronger digital ties with their shippers, carriers, drivers, and their own back office.”

Transflo Velocity+ has features that allow brokers to quickly and accurately exchange a wide range of vital information with carriers and drivers:

  • Load Tendering
  • Load Visibility
  • Document Capture
  • Data Extraction
  • Auto Invoicing
  • Payment Processing
  • And Loads More!


Read More About Transflo Velocity+ HERE

The ELD FAQs You’re Actually Looking For

It’s been a year since the ELD mandate took center stage and the transition has taught us so much. The use of ELDs doesn’t just offer compliance but is now part of the full fleet solution package Transflo offers. Our ELD is fully integrated with the Transflo Mobile+ app and telematics system.

We’re constantly improving and innovating for our customers (that’s you). We’ve compiled the top ten ELD questions and answered them for your quick reference.

1. Can Personal Conveyance and/or Yard Move be edited, or applied retroactively? No, per the FMCSA this is not allowed. The log should be annotated for compliance instead, stating that the log in question should have been a Yard Move or Personal Conveyance.

2. What happens when the vehicle goes outside of cell service? Engine and location data are collected and stored on Transflo T-Series ELD devices. Once the vehicle returns to coverage, this data is sent to the servers, and then back to the Transflo ELD app. This will also automatically update the HOS statuses.

3. Why am I seeing duplicate ON logs? The system automatically switches to ON when the vehicle stops moving for 5 minutes. If you manually change to ON within those 5 minutes, the system will automatically create an additional ON log for the time between when the vehicle stopped, and when you manually went to ON.


Click HERE for the full FAQ list

REMINDER: MATS is Next Week!

We’re pumped to go to MATS and see the line of show trucks on display, check out all the cool giveaways and attend some sessions. Not only that, but we’ll be showing off our latest tech at our very own booth and we’ve got a bunch of swag for attendees like YOU! Our new six-foot tall fully-functional touchscreen mobile phone will be on display too. Trucking Awesome!

Stop by the Transflo booth (#11228) to pick up a life-saving gift. See you in Louisville!

CLICK HERE to confirm your demo at our booth.

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Transflo Completes Electronic Logging Device Registration with FMCSA

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