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                            Transport+Report – Issue 2 : Volume 1

                            T R A N S P O R T  R E P O R T 

                            ISSUE 2 – VOLUME 1

                            The Official Newsletter of 

                            THIS ISSUE 

                            Major Changes in 2019

                            Mobile Update!

                            Unity Grows with Transflo

                            President’s Note

                            Trucking Industry Gears Up for

                            Major Changes in 2019

                            By Matthew Meeks

                            Retention Takes the Driver’s Seat

                            Hiring quality drivers is only the beginning. Keeping them is an ongoing challenge…

                            2019 is expected to be a year of major investment in the efforts to retain professional drivers. Many companies plan to start offering more sign-on bonuses, increasing wages, and being overall more driver-focused. Ensuring a professional driver’s daily responsibilities and routine are more efficient, stress-free and enjoyable is a major factor that can contribute to driver retention.

                            It’s also expected that we’ll see an increase in recruiting targeting women, minorities, and younger generations. With generation Z and young millennials expecting to increase in the industry this year, stronger communications and more transparency will be crucial to cater to the expectations of these younger generations.

                            What does this mean for fleet owners? Re-distributing more funds to recruitment and retention could be a fleet’s saving grace. Also recommended, is updating driver on-boarding processes and management techniques to help attract and retain quality new-hires.

                            What does this mean for professional drivers? Drivers will start seeing companies offering: increased wages, bonuses…

                            Read More…


                            That’s right!

                            Our new modern update is available 

                            now and it’s FREE!


                            You now get access to…

                            One-touch Voice Command Technology

                            A New Sleek Interface

                            An Interactive Dashboard

                            Plus everything you need in one place!

                            Short on time? No problem!

                            We’ve made it super easy to pick-up your new features

                            with just TWO taps in your app!

                            Tap! Tap! Done!


                            Unity Grows with Transflo
                            Featuring: Tannile Bates from Unity Transport, LLC

                            Unity Transport LLC HQ

                            “This truly is a

                            start-to-finish program“

                            This month we had a chance to chat with Tannile Bates, owner of Unity Transport, LLC. Unity Transport got its start in October 2018 with two trucks. Four months later and they now have 11 trucks with a goal to keep adding two rigs to their fleet each month. Unity Transport is using Transflo’s full suite of products and services such as Transflo Mobile, Transflo ELD, weigh station bypass, fleet navigation and Command Center to reach their goals.

                            More Than Scanning

                            As Unity Transport has discovered, Transflo is way more than just a document scanning company now. We are an all-encompassing solution for fleets of all sizes. This works well for new companies like Unity who start small and grow overtime, because Transflo offers scalable solutions for two-truck fleets, 2,000-truck fleets and everything in between.

                            Bates attributes part of Unity’s rapid growth to her husband’s 22 years of experience in the trucking industry AND the benefits they reap from having a salvage license.

                            Tannile Bates and her family

                            Transflo Account Manager, Rey Rosa, explained his first conversation with Bates, “She called me before Unity Transport even had their first truck, and I was excited about her initiative and ambition to grow it so rapidly.”

                            The Total Experience

                            Bates offered some feedback about her Transflo experience, saying, “Transflo has gone above and beyond any other program that I have seen. I’m able to easily and efficiently keep an eye on my driver’s hours and location. I’m also able to dispatch and communicate with my drivers, and pull paperwork as soon as it’s turned in.”

                            Bates continued, “This truly is a start-to-finish program. Plus, all the Transflo products and services work together seamlessly which makes my job much…

                            Read more…


                            What the IFTA? 

                            REMINDER: IFTA filing is due January 31, 2019.

                            The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requires quarterly reporting of mileage & fuel by all interstate motor carriers. 

                            For more information on IFTA reporting including FAQs and Forms click here.

                            President’s Note… “ 2019 is ramping up to be a big year for Transflo and its clients. We are starting the year off with a bang as we ready our latest update to the Transflo Mobile+ app. We’re proud to offer the most efficient mobile app solution for fleets in the transportation industry. We’ve raised the bar even higher by adding voice commands and other exciting updates which are available now. As we continue to help pave the way for the trucking industry, we do so in our new office in the heart of downtown Tampa. A special thanks to one of our enterprise customers, Suddath, for helping us move into the One Tampa City Center high-rise last month. Our new environment and neighbors have already sparked ideas and creativity in our growing team, so stay tuned for more exciting news and releases throughout 2019.Here’s to a successful 2019, a great first quarter!”  

                            FREE ELD

                            Quick Compliance
                            Affordable pricing with available inventory. Get a FMCSA-certified Transflo ELD for only $99.99Learn More

                            Transflo Mobile
                            Manage your whole workday – anywhere, anytime! E-Logs, loads, documents, & more.Watch Video

                            Transflo Completes Electronic Logging Device Registration with FMCSALearn More

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