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Below is a preview of new features and improvements that will be coming soon. Please check this page regularly for additional updates.

1901 Release

DVIR – Excel Report – New Filtering Option
When scheduling the DVIR report, new filtering options are now available.

DVIR – Locations Available in Excel Reports
The addresses where the DVIR inspections took place are now available on the Advanced Excel report. These locations are available through API on the DVIRLog object as well.

Rules Page – New Compliance Section – DVIR
On the rules page, a new Compliance section is added, where you can set rules for reporting and/or alerting on DVIR, for missin pre-trip and/or post-trip.

This will require the user to have “Feature preview” enabled on the user settings.

Rules Page – New Compliance Section – Yard Move Exemption
In the new Compliance section on the Rules page you can now also configure the Yard Move Exemption settings that are part of the UPS exemption, allowing you to automatically switch the driver from Yard Move to Driving when the driver exits a designated geofenced area, and/or when the vehicle reaches a speed of 20 mph while the driver is in Yard Move.

This will require the user to have “Feature preview” enabled on the user settings.

Rules Page – New Rule in ‘Fleet’ Section
A new rule has been added under the ‘Fleet’ section on the Rules page, allowing users to easily identify vehicle movements exclusively within a zone (geofence) type. This option can be used to identify unassigned logs within the geofenced area.

This will require the user to have “Feature preview” enabled on the user settings.

HOS – New Filter Options for YM on Unassigned Logs
If the new ‘Vehicle Movement Within Zones’ rule is enabled (see above), a new option to show only unassigned logs that happened within the “yard” will be available. Once filtered, admins can do a bulk annotation on any unassigned yard moves.

Note: this is a beta feature.

HOS – Carrier Edits
A new helpful message was added when editing a driver’s logs, reminding the user that the driver will need to accept or reject the logs, and that the edit will not become part of the driver’s logs until the driver accepts the edit.

HOS – Data Transfer – Better Error Handling
More context has been added when a log data transfer to the FMCSA is attempted and there is an error; this will help with determining the reason why the transfer failed.

HOS – Availability
The HOS Availability page has been improved:

  • Icons to indicate drivers approaching their limits
  • Ability to view logs, view recaps, and view violations at the touch of a button
  • Now showing date/time of last status change

HOS – Ruleset Updates

  • Improvements to Canadian HOS; still in beta, but one step closer to meeting the basic requirements
  • Using PC as part of the Split Sleeper two hour part is now recognized
  • Naming updates (Example: “North Dakota 70-hour/7-day without rest requirement” is now “North Dakota 70-hour/7-day”)

Reminder on Remove Implications
An improved warning message has been added when removing drivers, vehicles, or trailers, clearly outlining the implications of the removal, and including the suggestion to make drivers, vehicles, trailers historical instead.

Skip Button Auditing
Whenever a driver skips a step in the login/logout workflow (i.e. vehicle/trailer inspection, verifying logs, claiming unassigned driving time), this can now be audited using the Audit Log.

Driver No Longer Assigned to Vehicle – Better Error Handling
Better error handling is introduced for when the driver is no longer assigned to the vehicle:

  • Creates a new duty status log with “No vehicle”
  • Pops up a notification to alert the driver

An error notification to is provided to co-drivers as well, prompting them to select a vehicle.

Dashboard & Analytics
The Dashboard menu item now contains Dashboard & Analytics. The new Analytics section will contain industry data overviews for informative purposes.

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1804 Release

Rulesets with 30 Minute Rest Exemption Available
Fleets can now select rulesets that do not have the 30 minute rest requirement.
Each ruleset also has the option to enable the 24-hour restart and/or the oil well wait time.

New HOS Rulesets
The following new rulesets have been added:
o North Dakota Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day
o North Dakota Property Intrastate Short Haul
o Alaska Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day
o Alaska Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day
o Alaska Passenger Intrastate 70-hour/7-day
o Alaska Passenger Intrastate 80-hour/8-day
o Oregon Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day
o Oregon Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day
o Nebraska Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day
o Nebraska Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day
o South Carolina Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day
o South Carolina Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day
o Maryland Property Intrastate Short Haul 70-hour/7-day
o Maryland Property Intrastate Short Haul 80-hour/8-day
o California Property Intrastate with Break

DVIR Print
A print version of a conducted DVIR can now be produced within the Transflo Telematics portal.

Click the “Print” button on the selected DVIR to produce the PDF of that DVIR.


DVIR: ‘Repaired’ and ‘Not Necessary’ Buttons
The ‘Repaired’ and ‘Not Necessary’ buttons have been separated on the DVIR in the Transflo Telematics portal.

DVIR Rules (Beta)
More support for rules based on DVIR defects have been added. This is still in beta, and users must have the feature preview turned on.


HOS Transfer Logs Improvements
The help text on the transfer logs page has been improved, and an additional prompt has been added to distinguish between a test transfer and a real transfer to the FMCSA

Availability – Recap in portal
HOS Availability now displays the driver’s hour recap, future hours available, as well as hours gained at midnight.

Canadian HOS
The Canadian HOS rulesets have been expanded in the 1804 release, which includes features such as:
o A rest period that exceeds 30 minutes will count towards 2 hours of Off Duty time for Canadian HOS rulesets
o The Canadian Off Duty Deferral exemption has been added
o Canadian violations are now displayed in the HOS logs header
o Canadian HOS rulesets are based on the previous 24 hour period
o An option has been added to set driver start time for Canadian HOS ruleset

Audit Logs for Trailers and Shipments
Audit logs are now available for trailer and shipment log updates (add / edit / remove).

Login/Logout Annotations
When switching vehicles, login/logout system records will be annotated to reflect this change.

Users Page Showing More Info
The Users page now displays the first and last name, last access date, and security clearance for each user.

Other Updates
o Compliance Print is now referred to as Print
o The distance traveled since last valid coordinates were recorded have been added to the Duty Status and Power Up/Shutdown logs.
o Changed “Personal Use” to “Personal Conveyance”
o Users can now enter vehicle license plate numbers to search for vehicles on the live map (provided the license plate was entered on the Vehicle page)
o An API is now available to add and remove trailers, shipments, and vehicles.

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1803 Release

HOS Duty Status Logs page now includes modifications
A new “Show modifications” option has been added to the Duty Status Logs options.

When set to ‘Yes’, all edits made to the logs will be shown on screen, without the need to go into the Log Edit page to see the modification details.

Default driver is now displayed on the Vehicle Edit page
The driver that most commonly logs into a vehicle, will now be shown on the Vehicle Edit page:

Visual improvements to carrier edits
In the new release, it will be easier to see HOS log edits in the portal. When viewing a driver’s logs, the header for the day will now also be shown in yellow if that day contains log edits that are pending acceptance by the driver.

7-day/8-day limit for ‘No ruleset’
The ‘No ruleset’ option now comes with a 7-day/8-day limit. This is due to the need to be able to transfer logs to the FMCSA, for which a cycle duration is required.

HOS Availability report adjusted
The HOS Availability report has been adjusted to only show drivers that have HOS logs; driver users that have never logged in and have never generated HOS logs will not be shown, in order to not clutter the screen.

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