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Truck Driver Facing Multiple Counts of Vehicular Homicide After Gruesome Accident in Denver, CO


On Thursday April 25 just outside Denver, CO, a semi truck plowed into traffic that was stopped on interstate 70. Police have said the truck driver is currently in custody after hitting multiple cars and trucks resulting in a fiery blaze with multiple deaths.

There were a total of 28 vehicles reported as part of the crash including four semi trucks.

At this time the death toll is four. The truck driver who was hauling lumber in a flatbed trailer, was reportedly injured (but not seriously).

Police say that the truck driver will be held in Jefferson County Jail as soon as he’s been cleared medically. There were no signs of drugs or alcohol involved in this crash. 

The crash occurred in Lakewood which is part of the greater Denver area. The Lakewood police department says multiple people were killed with an additional six people hospitalized after the semi truck plowed into a traffic jam on the interstate during rush hour.

A large fire broke out on the interstate immediately following the crash. This did stall first responders from reaching some of the vehicles until the fire could be contolled.

Police say further details about the accident will be given soon.

Partial interstate closures are still in affect.


Source: CNN



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