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With Transflo, we have been able to decrease our day sales outstanding and unbilled revenue as well as reallocate our labor resources.”

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

We deliver real-time data and communications to thousands of carriers, freight brokers, factoring companies, and commercial drivers. And we connect them all through one Transflo portfolio that increases efficiency, improves cash flow, and reduces costs.

From businesses with just a few trucks to large corporations with thousands of tractors and trailers in their fleet, Transflo clients are found throughout the transportation industry. Many of our clients are among the most widely recognized names in the business. They’re a tech-savvy bunch with whom each of us shares the highway. Here are some fast facts about our client base:

  • 4,000+ fleets
  • 50,000+ carriers
  • 250+ freight brokers, including 8 of the top 10
  • 800,000+ drivers
  • 400+ million documents digitized each year
  • $54 billion in annual freight facilitated