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Broker List

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Send your paperwork to the following brokers using Transflo Velocity.

Name State MC Number Broker ID Scan Fee Mobile Enabled
A & Z Trucking NY 510449 AZTDV FREE
ACME Freight Brokers LA 198296 ACMEV FREE
ARI Logistics AL 640557 ARQLV FREE
Ark Dispatch Services OH 641858 ARQVV FREE
ARPCO Transport Services TX 184639 AAEGV FREE
ASCG Logistics TX 013372 ASCGV FREE
Averitt Brokerage TN 121600/843369 AEIVV FREE
Awardco Freight Management Group TX 551223 AFMOV FREE
B&B Trucking NE 130920 BBRKV FREE
Baggett Services AL 173451 BAGSV FREE
Blue Ribbon Transport IN 222986 BRBTV FREE
BNSF Logistics AR 439484B BNLSV FREE
BTI Logistics IA 601344 BTIOV FREE
Buchanan Hauling & Rigging IN 306359 BCNLV FREE
CalArk, Inc. AR 271559 CALBRV FREE
Carriers Services KY 012355 CSCSV FREE
Carroll Fulmer Logistics FL 430597 CFLCV $1.00
C.A.T. Global, Inc. QC 829684 CABQV FREE
Celadon Logistics IN 548576 CLGEV FREE
CH Robinson MN 384859 RBTWV $1.00
Chevyon Logistics, LLC CA 968239 CVYFV FREE
Chief Freight Lines IN 170654 CEFGV FREE
Choice Transportation CA 391013 CQHEV FREE
Choptank Transport MD 383378 CKTHV $2.50
Classic Carriers, Inc. OH 190369 CCRKV FREE
Combined Transport Systems IN 175681 CBDNV FREE
Cousins Logistics, Inc. FL 884672B CUNLV FREE
Coyote Logistics IL 561135 CLLQV FREE
Cross Point Expedite TX 887253 CPEVV FREE
CRST Logistics IA 246255 CRSTV FREE
deBoer Logistics LLC WI 618216 DETRV FREE
Deep South Freight AL 345284B DSOFV FREE
Eagle Transportation MS 258615 PTYEV $3.00
Echo Global Logistics IL 511639 ECHSV FREE
England Logistics, Inc. UT 635748B ENGLV FREE
Enterprise Truck Broker FL 537111 ETKCV $2.50
Entourage Freight Solutions, Inc. OH 830678 EFSTV FREE
FST Logistics OH 245149 FKSPV FREE
Fairrington Transportation Corp. IL 159819 FRGNV FREE
FedEx Truckload Brokerage OH 582056 FDTBV FREE
Four Star Services MI 281032 FSTYV FREE
Freight All Kinds, Inc. CO 239393 FKDNV FREE
Freight Plus Inc. MN 180758 8FGPV FREE
FST Logistics OH 245149 FKSPV FREE
GC3 Logistics IN 577742 GCEPV FREE
GDS Express OH 234622 GDSDV FREE
GenPro, Inc. NJ 219754 GENNV FREE
Go-To Solutions, Inc. MI 178804 GTSKV FREE
Greentree Carriers – Tanker Carriers Only MN 773989 GCIVTB FREE
Greentree Carriers – Freight Carriers Only MN 773989 GCIVFB FREE
GTO 2000, Inc. GA 223164 GTOTV FREE
H&M Bay, Inc. MD 190769 HMBYV $8.00
H&N Logistics, LLC WI 433057 HNNQV FREE
Halbersleben Logistics UT 639795 HLOGV FREE
Hartt Logistics ME 436794 HRTV FREE
Heart of Dixie AL 720771 HEDOV FREE
Henderson Logistics IL 717377 HEDNV FREE
Hogan Logistics, Inc. MO 226010 HGLLV FREE
HTS Logistics FL 624657 HTSSV FREE
Integrated Logistics NV 570540 ICRNV FREE
JB Transport & Jones Brothers Trucking MS 812191 JCKG FREE
Joe Tex Inc. TX 185106 JTEWV FREE
Johanson Transportation CA 159429 JOHOV $2.50
John Christner Trucking OK 192158 CJHTV FREE
JRS Logistics AL 296816 JRSAV FREE
Keller Logistics OH 449433 KELCV FREE
KLLM Logistics Services MS 649560 KLLTV FREE
Knight Brokerage AZ 526581 KNBKV FREE
Koleaseco, Inc. MI 306322 KOLEV FREE
Kopf Logistics Group IN 414124 KOPTV FREE
KTI Logistics, LLC GA 455879 KTQIV FREE
LAD Truck Lines GA 362790 LADNV FREE
Landair Logistics TN 177240 LTAOV FREE
Langham Logistics IN 281225 LNHMV FREE
Leonard’s Express NY 646702 LEQOV FREE
LH Express IN 695930 LHXLV FREE
Lipman Logistics Services FL 801252 LLSCV FREE
Load Delivered Logistics IL 629379 LDLCV FREE
LTI Delivers, Inc. IL 457553 LLBGV FREE
LTI Logistics Services, Inc. MO 836339 LNNBV FREE
Lync Transit, Inc. TN 931713 LYN1V FREE
M & S Loads NY 970613 MSLDV FREE
Marvin Keller Trucking IL 161777 KMTNV FREE
Maverick Logistics, LLC AR 553531 MAVKV FREE
Mawson & Mawson PA 76 MAWSV FREE
MD Choice TX 830446B MDCBV FREE
Micro Logistics, LLC TX 522490 MCRLV FREE
Midwestern Transit Service, Inc. IL 186420 MDWNV FREE
Mike’s Loading Service TX 269020 MIKLV FREE
Mike Tamana Freight Lines CA 548856 TMOLV FREE
Miller Intermodal Logistics Services MS 327786 MLIVV FREE
Miller’s Express CT 001861 MXP1V FREE
Montgomery Logistics AL 964005 MGYLV FREE
National Elite Transportation AR 572891B NELAV FREE
Navajo Express CO 572628 NAVEV FREE
NFI Transportation Brokerage NJ 148941 NFILV FREE
Northland Express Transport MI 151404 NOLPV FREE
Packard Logistics IL 239944 PKLGV FREE
Paschall Logistics, Inc. KY 291757 PSHJV FREE
Pathfinder Logistics CA 314639 PFKBV FREE
Peak Logistics IN 608469 PKLWV FREE
Pearce Worldwide Logistics TN 308990 PARWV FREE
Peters Brothers Trucking PA 156843 PEBCV FREE
Plains Dedicated CO 513147 PDLDV FREE
Premiere Logistics, LLC OK 816239 PLLMV FREE
Prime Logistics MO 140665 PRMLV FREE
Pyramid Transport DE 271860 PYDIV FREE
QT Inc. MT 196808 QALTV FREE
QTI Service Corporation TX 203581 QTIIV $2.50
R2 Logistics FL 513105 RTCYV FREE
Rediehs Freight Lines IN 501922 RDHEV FREE
Reliable Transportation Solutions OH 581087 RTSBV FREE
Reliant Transportation NE 316942 RLRNV FREE
Riverside Transport KS 270137 RVTSV FREE
RMX Global Logistics CO 182548 RMXRV $3.00
RoadMasters Transport Brokerage, LP TX 524687 RMSTV FREE
Roadrunner Transportation Services WI 170247 RRTSV FREE
Roane Transportation TN 413581 ROALV FREE
Roger’s Transport System IN RGRRV FREE
S&S Transport ND 153648 SSTEV FREE
Schneider Transportation Management WI 133655 SLCYV FREE
Schneider – Registered Quick Pay Carriers Only WI 133655 SLCYVQP FREE
Scott Logistics GA 265376 SCGPV FREE
Sharp Logistics UT 455602 SRPBV FREE
SPI International Transportation BC 253915 SIVPV FREE
Spirit Logistics AR 329435 SLLKV FREE
Star Fleet, Inc. IN 246487 SFLTV FREE
Stevens Transport TL TX 203631 STVVL FREE
Streamline Loads SC 682804 SLL1V FREE
Strike Logistics, LLC OH 652067 STRIKEV FREE
Strive Logistics IL 284729 STVGV FREE
Summit Transportation Inc. (in Dallas) TX 334192 SUQOV FREE
Sunstate Logistics, Inc. FL 422798 SSLXV FREE
Super T Transport, Inc. ID 840029 STT1V FREE
Sweet Express MI 459522 SWELV FREE
Swift Logistics, LLC AZ 812305 SWOAV FREE
Syfan Logistics GA 583906 SYFNV FREE
TD Logistix TX 721294C TDQEV FREE
Timco Logistics Systems, Inc. TX 561981 TLAYV FREE
Time Dispatch Services, Inc. UT 303395 TDSEV FREE
TLO Logistics, USA TX 828618 TLOQV FREE
TMC Logistics IA 270920 TMCDV FREE
Tortorigi Hauling, Inc. AL 867463 THLTV FREE
Total Quality Logistics OH 322572 TQYLV $3.00
Total Transportation of Mississippi MS 239097 TTMSV FREE
TransCorr National Logistics, LLC IN 508966 TAHEV FREE
Trans-West Logistics Transportation Services WA 784835 TWSOV $1.50
Transportation One IL 702342 TXOKV FREE
Transportation Solutions Group IL 412533 TSGNV FREE
Trans-West Logistics Transportation Svcs WA 784835 TWSOV FREE
Tri-State Expedited OH 157889 TSCIV FREE  
Trinity Logistics DE 205157 TTFDV $2.50
Triple T Transport OH 271691 TPTAV FREE
Truck Logistics OR 336126 TKLOV FREE
TSD Logistics TX 205733 TBKDV FREE
U.S. Xpress Logistics, Inc. TN 188121 XONEV FREE
USA Truck AR 161412 USAKV FREE
United Vision Logistics LA 194705 DYNSV FREE
WH Owens (Owens Transportation, LLC) SC 478637 OWENSV FREE
Western Express TN 663656 WXLOV FREE
Western Flyer Express OK 309036 WFLYV FREE
West Side Logistics IA 205566 WSBAV FREE
WMW Logistics OH 416109 WMWLV FREE
W.N. Morehouse Truck Line NE 541194 MOHSV FREE
World Wide Logistics, Inc. ON 660796 WWLQV FREE
XPO Logistics, LLC. NC 175953 XPOLV FREE
Yoki Transport & Logistics NC 020973 YOK1V FREE

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This free resource is packed with practical tips and steps to increase success.


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Transflo ELD T7 Now Distributed at TA and Petro Stopping Centers Locations

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ELD Mandate
This free resource is packed with practical tips and steps to increase success.


Transflo Mobile
Manage your whole workday – anywhere, anytime! E-Logs, loads, documents, & more.


Transflo Electronic Logging Devices Now Distributed at TravelCenters of America TA and Petro Stopping Centers Locations